Brand identity for Xenomania Records

2019-04-24 12:40:49

Brandis designed a new brand identity for Xenomania Records.
Part of the new branding will be a sleeve and label design system for their vinyl releases.
Xenomania Records was founded in 1996 by hit producer and songwriter Brian Higgins. Xenomania has worked with many renowned artists such as the Sugarbabes, Kylie Minogue, Pet Shop boys and Girls Aloud and Gabriela Climi.

Xenomania Records on Twitter

First release in a new serie of startup bands is ‘Unperfect’ with ‘Gots to get the girl’.

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Looye Kwekers

2018-09-13 12:42:05

Very pleased to announce that nu:amsterdam and brandis started working for Looye Kwekers. The dutch market leader in tomato growing.

Initially we worked on an update of their Honey tomato campaign in Germany and the Netherlands.
Later we started working on the development of a new Looye tomato brand geared towards children. We are currently in the proces of production. More will follow after the official launch.

nu:amsterdam: Pablo van Gastel, Oswin den Boer.
Looye Kwekers: Jorrit Zuidervelt, Niels Roodenrijs, Ron van de Lugt.

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Gamma graphics

2017-05-19 11:08:29

Instore graphics
For: Zonez | Integrated environments.

Brandis designed a grid system for the instore graphics of Gamma. Making it easy to handle and update at any time.
Brandis also developed infographics for their smart home department.
In several categories like heating, lighting, garden, electrics, security the latest technology for the connected home is displayed. Each category has it’s own icon and colour making it easy to navigate. The aim was to communicate the benefits and u.s.p.’s in a simple and accessible way.
First pilot in three stores.

Team: Hemko van Wezel, Bernd Weeke.
Gamma: Helma van Remmerden, Marcel Hoksbergen.

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Century retail security solutions

2016-11-28 09:50:08

Showroom concept
For: Slag bij Almelo

Century is a chinese manufacturer of retail security systems.
Recently they moved their headquarters to the Netherlands.
Design agency Slag bij Almelo asked brandis to develop a concept for their showroom.
The project combines a brand space, project room and product displays with office space.
In the concept each market segment has it’s own shop in shop. Like security systems for
DIY market, apparel, electronics, food, beverages, health or beauty.
A modular system for the furniture and fixtures provides high flexibility.
In the brand section customers can scan the product offering and check out the factories in
China via virtual reality.

Team: Ronald ter Braak, Slag bij Almelo and brandis.

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Infographic for Xenos

2016-10-14 11:45:48


Xenos is a dutch home furnishings chain.
Brandis designed a presentation with corporate infographics for the buyers of Xenos.
Displaying all the key info in a compact way helped to communicate the essentials in a simple way. Making closing that deal a bit easier.

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