Carroom brand identity and stand

Building and Interior design
For: brandis

Identity and stand

Carroom: Hemko van Wezel, Casper Wempe
Accent Standbouw: Koen Wielart

Recently brandis developed the brand identity for Carroom. A Dutch start-up company designing custom-made top end garage interiors.
The bracket in the logo symbolises the space of a garage – the typography is set in the DIN which is used in the signage system of the German Autobahn. The colour dark to light orange stands for passion for cars.
This is also why we developed the pay off: ‘Every car deserves a great home’. brandis designed a stand for the builders’ trade fair in Utrecht which lasted from February 9th until the 13th. At the fair, Carroom introduced Overlap, a cutting edge Italian garage door system from Silvelox.
In addition they presented the DURA cabinet system. This is a UK brand that is widely used by mechanics in the Formula 1 world and it is famous as the workshop supplier of Aston Martin dealers worldwide. Carroom has the exclusive import rights in the Netherlands for the residential market. These cabinets can be excecuted in many colour variations, making it possible to for example match the colour of your car in the interior design of your garage.
At the stand we added a little interactive fun with a racetrack.
All in all, the stand ended in the top 10 of most visited stands in the trade show. So Carroom is off to a great start.Like to check out their website: