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Gamma graphics

Instore graphics
For: Zonez | Integrated environments.

Brandis designed a grid system for the instore graphics of Gamma. Making it easy to handle and update at any time.
Brandis also developed infographics for their smart home department.
In several categories like heating, lighting, garden, electrics, security the latest technology for the connected home is displayed. Each category has it’s own icon and colour making it easy to navigate. The aim was to communicate the benefits and u.s.p.’s in a simple and accessible way.
First pilot in three stores.

Team: Hemko van Wezel, Bernd Weeke.
Gamma: Helma van Remmerden, Marcel Hoksbergen.

Century retail security solutions

Showroom concept
For: Slag bij Almelo

Century is a chinese manufacturer of retail security systems.
Recently they moved their headquarters to the Netherlands.
Design agency Slag bij Almelo asked brandis to develop a concept for their showroom.
The project combines a brand space, project room and product displays with office space.
In the concept each market segment has it’s own shop in shop. Like security systems for
DIY market, apparel, electronics, food, beverages, health or beauty.
A modular system for the furniture and fixtures provides high flexibility.
In the brand section customers can scan the product offering and check out the factories in
China via virtual reality.

Team: Ronald ter Braak, Slag bij Almelo and brandis.

Mlab Shop in Shop

Repositioning, upgrade branding, omni channel communication plan, shop in shop.
For: Zonez | Integrated Environments

Team: Hemko van Wezel, Jan Jaap Woltjes, Theoniek Verdurmen

brandis developed a concept for an upgrade of Mlab – a smartphone repair brand. Repositioning, update of the brand identity, omnichannel communication plan and a shop in shop package that can be rolled out in several Exellent electronic stores in Belgium.
Mlab is a subsidiary of Teleplan | Lifecycle care for Electronics.

Rondom interior design

Rondom podiatry practices
For: More

More: Marije Wessels, Katrien Wessel, Marieke vieze.
Rondom: Ellen van der Meer-Nuijten, Marly van Gestel, Robert van Gerwen.

Rondom is a chain of 80 podiatry practices around the Netherlands.
brandis was invited by ad agency More to develop a interior design for them.
At their venue in Veldhoven Rondom combines a production facility with a storage area, back office space and a consultancy area. In this concept a furniture and lighting range was developed that could easily serve as a identifier for the chain. In combining this with a consistent use of styling elements like chairs and colour use Rondom can create a scalable and instantly recognisable presence for all of it’s practices.


Carroom brand identity and stand

Building and Interior design
For: brandis

Identity and stand

Carroom: Hemko van Wezel, Casper Wempe
Accent Standbouw: Koen Wielart

Recently brandis developed the brand identity for Carroom. A Dutch start-up company designing custom-made top end garage interiors.
The bracket in the logo symbolises the space of a garage – the typography is set in the DIN which is used in the signage system of the German Autobahn. The colour dark to light orange stands for passion for cars.
This is also why we developed the pay off: ‘Every car deserves a great home’. brandis designed a stand for the builders’ trade fair in Utrecht which lasted from February 9th until the 13th. At the fair, Carroom introduced Overlap, a cutting edge Italian garage door system from Silvelox.
In addition they presented the DURA cabinet system. This is a UK brand that is widely used by mechanics in the Formula 1 world and it is famous as the workshop supplier of Aston Martin dealers worldwide. Carroom has the exclusive import rights in the Netherlands for the residential market. These cabinets can be excecuted in many colour variations, making it possible to for example match the colour of your car in the interior design of your garage.
At the stand we added a little interactive fun with a racetrack.
All in all, the stand ended in the top 10 of most visited stands in the trade show. So Carroom is off to a great start.Like to check out their website: