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246 Fresh

Brandis started working on the brand identity of 246 Fresh.
246 is the area code of Barbados. 
In Barbados most vegetables are flown in from the U.S. – besides being an assault on the environment they are expensive and not fresh.
246 Fresh produces fresh herbs and vegetables locally for an affordable price. 

The produce grows in watertubes that sit in greenhouses. The watertubes are connected to a fishtank that provides nutrients for the plants. This is a sustainable technique that produces a constant and controllable stream of product.
In the future further farms are planned on other islands in the region.

Green Manor Farm – Michael Jones
Pablo van Gastel – Nu: Amsterdam
Theoniek Verdurmen – Brandis

Ziengs Shipping Box

Ziengs Shoes
Men’s shoe brand
For: brandis

Workshop, restyle brand identity, communication concept
As part of the new corporate identity of Ziengs brandis designed a concept for a new shipping box. Line drawings represent different categories of shoes making the box universal and suitable to ship all kinds of shoes. There is a grey and white version that can be tight to men or women shoes.
The inside of the box you find the corporate green, on the folding flap it says the word: ‘yes’. It is an illustration of the feeling one can get when opening a present or finally getting your hands on something you really cherish.


Ziengs Shoes
Men’s shoe brand
For: brandis

Identity and packaging

brandis designed the identity and packaging for Cobblers. A private label of Ziengs Shoes. The aim was to create a high end feel for the men’s shoes label (combined with a low end price proposition). A sense of heritage is created by using an engraving as a visual. The image depicts hand crafted manufacturing. This feeling of heritage is further strengthened by using Baskerville for the logo. The typeface was designed by John Baskerville in 1757 in Birmingham, England. The ‘needle and stitch’ and ‘master shoemakers’ further explain the story. The keep a modern feel a lighter blue was chosen that combines well with black and brown shoes.

Kobunder Labels

Biological food producer
For: brandis

Workshop, strategy and corporate identity.
As part of the corporate identity brandis designed some labels for Kobunder. A startup biological food brand specialised in dairy products. The typeface used in the logo is custom designed.

Malt beer labels

For: Interbrand Amsterdam

Four different strategic routes were developed by Interbrand for a new malt beer. Emmy van Gool invited brandis to make some proposals for two of the routes. In the end one of them was tested in consumer panels. However it didn’t make it to the top.
The malt will be introduced in the middle eastern and african markets shortly. I am quite sure someone will be quenching their thirst under a hot blazing sun with a beautifully designed bottle soon.