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To express a brand you need a set of brand assets. Think of them as a set of tools you can use to build all of your designs and communication: digital, physical, 2D/3D.

Your logo is an important and valuable asset but it is only part of the array of tools you will need to express your brand.

Other assets might be: colour, typography, iconography, form and image style. Tone of voice and materialisation.

The best logos capture the very essence of your brand.
You know you want one.

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Legio – brand identity

Brand identity. Logo, stationery, business cards, enveloppes, forms, binders, product brochures, mailpacks, website, ads, radio campaign, promotional material, internal and external introduction campagne, stand and signage.

Legio was a pioneer in the dutch market in making stock related products available to a larger audience.  Legio quickly became market leader and kept this position until the dot com crash which undermined its’ product offer.

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