Some samples of logos


To express a brand you need a set of brand assets. Think of them as a set of tools you can use to build all of your designs and communication: digital, physical, 2D/3D.

Your logo is an important and valuable asset but it is only part of the array of tools you will need to express your brand.

Other assets might be: colour, typography, iconography, form and image style. Tone of voice and materialisation.

The best logos capture the very essence of your brand.
You know you want one.

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Spoonguru – brand identity app

brandis developed the corporate identity of Spoonguru. It will be an app for people that have dietary requirements.
Enabling them to find and enjoy all sorts of food, recipes, restaurants with more ease.

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Royal Meddens – brand identity / retail formula

Spatial and graphic design of exhibit. This exhibit brings together 200 exquisite pieces from the private antiquity art collections of Helene Kröller-Müller and Fritz Lugt.

Both collections get  their own colour feel supported by a similar build up in information.

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