Neurensics price perception research

June 17 / 2021

Vegan products are hot. Neurensics is doing consumer neuro marketing research in the price perception of packaging for Vegan burgers.  

Nu:amsterdam asked studio brandis to develop 3 propositions for the test.
All designs work with exactly the same information just styled in a different language. In this way the value perception changes.
I know with one I would like.

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Sparta E-Bikes

Studio brandis started working with dutch bicycle brand Sparta.
In the coming months we will work together on the launch of the 2022 collection in September. Shop in shop / dealer brochure and other presentation/campaign materials. Looking for a E-Bike – get yourself a Sparta!

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Verum Veridi Brasil

Studio brandis and nu:Amsterdam developed 3 different brand directions for Verum Viridi. A ambitious international company in selfcare products with roots in the Netherlands and Brasil. 

The brand concept: ‘Gifts from Nature’ is translated into various touch points like retail, online and packaging. 

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Willesden Heights Tapes

Studio brandis designed a series of limited edition cassette tapes for ‘Willesden Heights Tapes’. The series called ‘Ear Candy’ contains a collection of songs recorded directly from vinyl to tape.

Press ‘Play’ and adventure awaits. You can explore amazing music from around the world in various genres and various time periods. Expect anything from Baba Zula (Turkey) to Frank Zappa (U.S.A.), from Edu Lobo (Brasil) to Franco & OK Jazz (Congo) and many more.

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