Neurensics price perception research

June 17 / 2021

Vegan products are hot. Neurensics is doing consumer neuro marketing research in the price perception of packaging for Vegan burgers.  

Nu:amsterdam asked studio brandis to develop 3 propositions for the test.
All designs work with exactly the same information just styled in a different language. In this way the value perception changes.
I know with one I would like.

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Sparta E-Bikes

Studio brandis started working with dutch bicycle brand Sparta.
In the coming months we will work together on the launch of the 2022 collection in September. Shop in shop / dealer brochure and other presentation/campaign materials. Looking for a E-Bike – get yourself a Sparta!

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Verum Veridi Brasil

Studio brandis and nu:Amsterdam developed 3 different brand directions for Verum Viridi. A dutch enterprise with a government licence to grow marihuana for medicinal purposes in Brasil. 

The brand concept: ‘Gifts from Nature’ is translated into various touchpoints like retail, online and packaging. 

This ambitious brand is getting ready to enter the rapidly emerging market.

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Willesden Heights Tapes

Studio brandis designed a series of limited edition cassette tapes for Willesden Heights Tapes.

The series called ‘Ear Candy’ contains a collection of songs recorded directly from vinyl to tape. Adventure awaits – you will embark on a fantastic voyage around the world. Exploring amazing music in various genres and time periods. Expect anything from Baba Zula to Frank Zappa, from American Gypsy to Orchestra Colon.

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