Royal Meddens - Retail Formula

Dutch fashion retailer Royal Meddens was a family business established in 1830. The collection consisted of a casual and dress collection for men and women.

We started this project with a customer journey scan in the Netherlands, trend research and store visits Londen.
Followed by a strategy and positioning workshop.

Brand Identity

Based on the results we updated the brand identity.
It was our aim to make it high end but accessible.

We designed custom lettering for Meddens reflecting a timeless modern feel. This was then combined with a more classical restyle of the crown.

The colour scheme combined taupe grey with orange. Orange being a royal colour in the Netherlands.

As a flexible graphic element we used a play of lines. Based on the idea of a thread – a reference to clothing.

This base was then rolled out in labels, stationery, business cards, envelopes, forms, labels, shopping bags, gift certificates, website, brochures, sales promotions, ads, photography, narrow casting, etc.

Retail Formula

After this the retail formula was developed.
There were 5 stores ranging from 200 to 900 sq meters.

The formula consisted of custom made fixtures, free standing units and lighting. A set of materials and execution styles was selected to reflect the dress and casulal collections.

Some stores had a tailor section for bespoke clothes.
All stores had a set of unique props that supported the overal atmosphere in the shops.

In-store graphics changed on a seasonal basis in concert with brochures of the collection that where mailed out.
Stores showcased narrowcasting with seasonal graphics or sales.

2002 – 2005 | Retail
For: Wellcreative branding.

Workshop, brand identity, retail formula design.

Royal Meddens: Mia Giesbers, Connie Saris, John Sparnaaij.
Wellcreative: Ariane Termeulen, Wout Jongejans.
Store 3D: Jan van Hest, Joost de Wit.

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