Toccata Financial Services

Brand identity, UX design and wordpress website building.

Brandis designed a new brand identity for Toccata Financial Services. 
Toccata is an administrative services boutique, rendering International administrative and International accounting services to medium and large sized, internationally operative companies and Private Equity Funds. They are a result driven firm with a focus on clients working in a complex international accounting, legal and tax environment.


The colour scheme is based on gold and silver as a reference to financial services. 

Logo development

We explored several routes for the logo. Ranging form an heraldic approach to computation.

Brand mark
The serif type in the logo and the descriptor have been chosen to give a classic look – while the symbol gives it a modern feel.

The brand symbol looks like a folded page. This is a reference to legal services and transparant accounting. The silver shape is pointing upwards and thus expresses ambition.

The typeface for the logo is set in Cochin.
It was originally produced in 1912 by Georges Peignot for the Paris foundry G. Peignot et Fils and was based on the copperplate engravings of 18th century French artist Charles-Nicolas Cochin, from which this serif typeface also takes its name.

The descriptor ‘Financial Services’ is set in a Baskerville. Designed in 1760 by British type designer John Baskerville.

The line around financial services gives the logo a base and a grounded look. 

Logo Development

As a main tool of communication we designed a website. All the information is presented in a clear and consistent manner.

You can check the results here:


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