Ceteco Tropigas
White and Brown goods
For: SVT Creative Consultants

Corporate Identity.
Tropigas is a low end white and brown goods chain operating in Central America. Several countries started to express the brand in different ways. Basically there was a red and a yellow variation. A new competitor from Mexico, Elektra also adopted a red/yellow colour scheme.
In a one week project, first the logo was updated and translated into a grid that painters can use easily. In Honduras, a basic visual system was developed. It is a extremely simple scheme consisting of the logo, a blue stripe and an orange base colour. You could call it the universal Gasstation style. In this way a basic look was created that Tropigas could further implement on their own in a flexible way. A few weeks later they send me the picture of a new store that somehow made me think of Albert Speer but at least it was orange.