What’s in the brandis shop:

Brand Identity | Communication | Packaging | Brand Environments

You can hire brandis for big and small projects. A couple of hours, a day or an extended period, whatever suits your project requirements. brandis takes projects from strategy and positioning all the way to creating a full brand experience.

Projects can be anything from a single brainstorm session to designing a complete brand identity system. When external expertise is needed to get a job done, it is available through the brandis network.

Brand Identity

brandis develops distinctive identities based on a clear strategy and positioning.

Customer journey scan, workshops, brand identity (logo, colour, typography, shape, image style, tone of voice, materials, etc.) and brand guides.



After the strategy and identity are established all communication can be developed.

Websites, apps, brochures, (corporate) magazines, ads, DM, annual reports, narrow casting, Instore graphics, etc.



In the game of packaging the shelf is the battlefield. In a split second the consumers will decide whether your brand or product is a succes or a failure.
So what can you do to influence this choice?
– Make sure your product is relevant.
– Make sure the packaging communicates your your brand.
– Make sure you stand out in the category.
– Make sure your packaging aligns with all other communications.

New product, redesign.


Brand Environments

There is nothing more exciting than the spatial translation of your brand. This is where consumer and brand experience come together.

Signing, stands, retail formula
development, pop-up stores, exhibits, interiors.