Ziengs Shoes bv
Shoe Fashion Retailer
Project for brandis

Workshop, restyling brand identity, communication concept

Formule Fabriek: Hemko van Wezel.
brandis: Theoniek Verdurmen.
Client: Henk Ziengs, Edward Doornbos.

With over 80 stores, Ziengs is a mayor player in the mainstream shoe market in the Netherlands. Hemko van Wezel of Formule Fabriek and Theoniek Verdurmen of brandis organised a workshop with Ziengs. Analysing the strategy and exploring fresh market opportunities. Spending on shoes has been under pressure as a result of the economic crises.
Online retailers like Zalando are emerging as competitors and form a threat to the traditional shoe retailer. The brand identity of Ziengs was quite instrumental focusing on sales and not telling a brand story. As a result consumers did not make a emotional connection to the brand. brandis took a look at the corporate identity. The logo was restyled and a new graphic system was developed. A number of different directions where explored to enhance the brand connection. Like thematic adds, lifestyle elements, sponsorship, targeted audience advertising and brand heritage.
Implementation by the in-house communication department of Ziengs.