Strategy & Analysis

Step One

The first step in any project is a thorough analysis of all the starting points. That means developing a clear understanding the product/service and dissecting the strategy for succes in the market.

Sometimes a lot of it is clear from the get go sometimes we organise a workshop with a client to clarify or improve the starting points.

Some tools we use:

– Market trend research.
– SWOT analysis. 
– Best/worst practice.
– Positioning and strategy.
– Customer journey scan.
– Brand vision/mission.
– Brand story.
– Brand purpose.

Step two

Developing the brand identity based on the insights.

Step three 

Expressing the brand over all touch points. 2D/3D digital and physical. 


brandis creates distinctive brands based on a sharp positioning and a clear strategy for success.

We give you all the tools you will ever need to create an authentic brand and express it over all touch points in the digital and physical world.

Brand assets

You will own a unique set of brand assets. Think of a logo, colour, typography, iconography, form and image style. Tone of voice and materialisation.

After the brand assets are developed you can use them for all further communication. 2D/3D, digital and physical.

We can take a fresh look at an existing brand or build one up from scratch.


brandis tries to create packaging that is:

On brand

Celebrating your product on the shelf and communicating your story in the best possible way. 

We try to find the best container for conservation, transport and display.

Come on now – let’s be honest.

Whenever we see a way to save waste or produce in a more responsible way you will know about it. There is plenty of specialist knowledge in the brandis network.

Brand Environments

Although much of todays communication is done digitally nothing can replace the experience of a real three dimensional space.

A place where  you can see, hear, touch and smell things. A place where you can interact with real people instead of chatbots. 

No place better to share your story, make that conversion and make that connection.


Signing, stands, retail formula development, pop-up stores, exhibits, interiors and visualisations.