Kobunder brand identity

Workshop, brand identity, website, label design, pop-up store.

Using all his knowledge as a microbiologist and his experience as the son of a veterinarian Martijn Schijns started up premium biological cheese brand Kubunder after a career as a controller in the pharmaceutical industry.

After a workshop where we took a look at competitors, trends in the market, SWOT analysis, brand purpose, strategy and positioning brandis developed the brand identity.

The custom serif type design for Kobunder gives a classic feel. As an identifier we used a bird that is common in Friesland. The region where the cheese is produced. 

Black and white are the main colours used for the brand. The black makes the product pop and gives a quality feel. Everything is kept simple as it is a natural product. 

In the labels we use blue for cheeses made with goat milk and green for cheeses based on cow milk.


After setting up a pop up store in Amsterdam Kobunder was offered a spot in the most premium biological farmers market in Amsterdam: de Zuidermarkt.

Kobunder is now a supplier of premium cheese stores, restaurants and a chain of supermarkets in Germany.

2012 – | Biological Food Producer

Workshop, brand identity, online/ offline communication, shop in shop and labeling.

Kobunder: Martijn Schijns.


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