Ear candy in times of Corona

Studio brandis designed a series of limited edition cassette tapes. The series called ‘Ear Candy’ contains a collection of songs recorded directly from vinyl to tape.

Press ‘Play’ and you can explore amazing music from around the world. The tracks cover various genres and originate from different time periods. Expect anything from Baba Zula (Turkey) to Frank Zappa (U.S.A.), from Edu Lobo (Brasil) to Franco & OK Jazz (Congo) and many more.

The Design

The label ‘Willesden Height Tapes’ is designed like a stick on tape label.
The brand mark is a reference to records, a recording button on a tape player and our planet.

‘Ear Candy’ – is expressed in the spine of the tapes.

The pastel colour scheme refers to ‘Candy’. The colour coding and numbering help to match the tapes to the covers after use. 

Based on the square size of album covers each tape has a set of 4 images taken on trips around the world – mirroring ‘Ear Candy’ with ‘Eye Candy’.

Throughout the design you will find some fun visual references to what happens when you spend a night spinning records with your friends in times of Corona – like maybe a wine stain or the number of a pizza delivery in London.

Treat yourself and enjoy the tracks here:




2020/21 | Entertainment

Concept and packaging.

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