Ear candy in times of Corona

What do you get when you put the owner of a record label, some DJ’s and a musician together in times of Corona?

Exactly – pretty soon there is food and wine and they start spinning their favourite vinyl records. Before you know it one of them pressed the record button on his tape recorder.
This is how the ‘Willesden Height Tapes’ where born.
Choosing to stay anonymous they still wanted to share the eclectic musical road trip through different genres, times and regions of the world.

The result

Brandis designed a limited edition set of nine ‘Willesden Heights Tapes’. The collection of vinyl recordings on tape will be aired on World Wide FM for everybody to enjoy.

The Design

The series is called ‘Ear Candy’ – expressed in the spine of the tapes.
Each tape is numbered and has it’s own colour feel. In this way you can easily find which tape belongs in which cover.
The brand mark is a reference to our planet, records and the recording button on a tape player. 

Initially we wanted to incorporate the original vinyl covers in the design for the tapes. However this was impossible because of copyright issues.

Since the recorded vinyl comes from all over the world we decided to use photographs taken on different trips around the world. Each tape has a set of four – set in a square format. This is of course a reference to the square format of vinyl records. The unusual image combinations complement these fantastic recordings. Making you cranking it up and press that play button again.

2020 | Entertainment

Concept and packaging.

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