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Xenomania Records – brand identity

Studio brandis designed a new brand identity for Xenomania Records.
Xenomania Records was founded in 1996 by hit producer and songwriter Brian Higgins. Xenomania has worked with many renowned artists such as the Sugarbabes, Kylie Minogue, Pet Shop boys and Girls Aloud and Gabriela Climi.

The new logo has a custom type design. One of the two ‘A’s in Xenomania is highlighted in a colour symbolising the ‘other’.
This is a reference to the literal meaning of Xenomania: a passion for foreign things.
The new symbol relates to the Dna symbol that was used in the previous logo.  In this way a sense of continuity is created. It also expresses  the idea of coming together from different directions in order to create something new. Like musicians can do.

The main colour scheme is black and orange.
The black stands for vinyl and the colour of the night (when most musicians perform). The orange stands for passion and energy.


As a production house Xenomania has the unique opportunity to work with musicians before they are famous and become big names with their own branding.
In order to promote the (newly created) music Xenomania will release limited edition vinyl records.
They will communicate the Xenomania brand and express each individual group in a distinguished way.
Each release wil have a unique colour combined with black and white (studio) photography of the musicians.


Collectible Series
In this way a collectible series is created that is distinct per project but still connected in style. In the proces Xenomania will also build a portfolio of unique photographs of the musicians in action.

The monkey with the big ears
Part of the brand identity will be the Xenomania monkey. He provides a bit of fun and attitude. Imagine listening to music like him – completely unbiased – as if you hear something for the very first time.

Xenomania Records on Twitter

First release in a new serie of startup bands is ‘Unperfect’ with ‘Gots to get the girl’.

2020 | Entertainment industry

Brand identity and packaging.

Xenomania Records: Brian Higgins, Julie Mason, Paul Eades.

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