Brand identity for 246 Fresh

Studio brandis and nu:Amsterdam developed a brand identity for 246 Fresh.

246 is the area code of Barbados. In Barbados most vegetables and micro greens are flown in from the U.S.. As a result they are expensive,  not fresh and environmentally unfriendly.

New kid in town

246 Fresh is a new brand that produces fresh micro greens, herbs and vegetables. All products will be produced locally in the Caribbean region and sold for affordable prices in markets, hotels, restaurants and supermarkets. In the future further farms are planned on other islands in the region.


246 Fresh uses an innovative and sustainable farming technique called Aquaponics. The produce grows in watertubes connected to fishtanks with live fish that provide nutrients for the plants.
This system is then placed in greenhouses ensuring a constant stream of quality products.

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Brand language

The tube system was the inspiration for the logo.
Natural green colours form the base palet combined with accent colours for different product groups.
The handwritten type gives a personal and caring feel. Natural materials provide a connection with the biological and sustainable principles of 246 Fresh. Throughout the language growing leaves form a playful graphic element.

2020 | Food industry

Brand identity, online, offline communication and packaging.

246 Fresh / Green Manor Farm: Michael Jones.
nu:Amsterdam: Pablo van Gastel, Oswin van den Boer.

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