Very pleased to announce that nu:amsterdam and brandis started working for Looye Kwekers. The dutch market leader in tomato growing.

Initially we worked on an update of their Honey tomato campaign in Germany and the Netherlands.

Later we started working on the development of a new Looye tomato brand geared towards children.


Marny’s should complement the existing portfolio of tomato brands Honing Tomaten and Joyn. As a common denominator they all use patterns and incorporate black.

The new brand Marny’s should target children and be set at the high end of the market.
The packaging should be a sleeve around a pre-selected plastic container.


In the greenhouses of Looye you find Tomato plants with yellow ribbons running through them – lot’s of aluminium and glass.
We took this as an inspiration for our colour scheme of silver and yellow.


After exploring some different avenues we ended up using the idea of the bee in connection to the tomatoes.
Stories about growing tomatoes can be easily connected. Making it potentially fun and educational to children. 

We developed a pattern based on the bee and a tomato shape.
We are currently in the proces of production. More will follow after the official launch.

Update June 2018
This sleeve was developed over the last weeks and is currently tested at Coop Supermarkets in Denmark.

2020 | Food Producer

Workshop, brand identity and packaging.

nu:amsterdam: Pablo van Gastel, Oswin den Boer.
Looye Kwekers: Jorrit Zuidervelt, Niels Roodenrijs, Ron van de Lugt.

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