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PON / Union
Bicycle brand
For: brandis

Concept and design

Union and Gazelle are Dutch bicycle brands that are owned by holding company PON.
The Gazelle Experience Center in Amersfoort has been developed by brandis since 2011, with yearly updates. In 2013 PON decided to add a Union stand in the Gazelle Experience Center brandis created the concept and design for the Union stand and signage on the facade of the building.
In accordance with the positioning of Union, an urban street feel was created using bricks, concrete look presentation blocks, scaffolding and photography.

Check out the Union bike collection.

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Gazelle Experience Center


Gazelle Experience Center

Royal Gazelle
2011 – 2013
Bicycle brand
For: brandis

Concept, 2D-3D design, photography and production.In 2011 brandis developed the Experience Center for Dutch bicycle brand Gazelle. In just 3 months 1000 sq meters of brand celebration was created. Product groups like urban, electric and hybrid bikes were presented with a custom developed modular display system.
The brand heritage (since 1887) was also expressed in a central section of the Experience Center.
This was the first comprehensive presentation of the entire Gazelle collection in one space. Making it easy for the dealers to check out the collection and place their orders.

In 2012 Royal Gazelle became part of holding company PON.
A international trading and service company with a focus on the mobility sector.
In the Experience Center some presentations were upgraded and sitting areas where added. Later on that year the space was also opened to consumers.

This year a new line of high-end bikes called Ultimate is introduced. We also added a coffee corner, an information display, a workshop area, a presentation of Gazelle innovations and more interactive elements.

Like to take a look: the Gazelle Experience Center
Nijkerkerstraat 17
3821 CD Amersfoort

Holding company PON decided to add a presentation of Union bicycles in the Experience Center as well. brandis also created the concept and design for this stand. In accordance with the positioning of Union, an urban street feel was created using bricks, concrete look presentation blocks, scaffolding and photography.

Union Stand
Gazelle Experience Center

V&D Shop-in-shop

V&D Maxeda
For: brandis

First sketches of two shop-in-shop concepts. One is based on a marine clothing line and another one on festive women’s apparel. Both concepts work with a modular system for furniture and in-store graphics

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Shop-in Shop


For: They

In January 2013, Amsterdam based ad agency ‘They’ was in a last round battle to win the Dutch State Lottery as a new account. The central idea was to bring happiness to people. brandis developed a shop-in-shop and brand activation concept for the pitch.
The idea was to develop pop up stores where consumers could get information, buy a lottery ticket or get a subscription.
Instead of getting your ticket directly at the register you could also operate a “magic machine” to help you pick your numbers.
In this way, placing your bet would become more interactive and fun. The last number of your ticket would get you a specific goodie bag. The goodie bags where intended as an extra incentive to go into one of the pop up stores.
You could buy “Lucky Cards” to send to your friends and on your way out you could pick up a candy bar.  If it’s your lucky day your candy bar would contain a lottery ticket –  life is sweet! The pop up store was also translated into a “Lucky Bus” that could show up all over the Netherlands serving the same purpose.
Unfortunately we didn’t win the pitch but it was great working with ‘They’.
Better luck next time.